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05 January 2009

Slippin' and a Slidin'

Last night I started a string of nights at ECMC. Aside from my resolutions for my patients from a prior entry, I made my own resolution to not be so cynical of patients and expect the best. Kind of hard to do when you read some of the presenting complaints at the top of the patient forms, but I was going to make an effort. That lasted just about 1/2 way into my shift , and then I just gave up all hope... sigh.

Anyway, last night I drove to work in a freezing rain. It was just hovering about 33 degree F. We came into an almost empty board, at 7 p.m., and we had hopes of clearing it. Then came 11 p.m. All of that freezing rain turned to ice as the temps dropped down into the high 20's. Suddenly, there were sheets of black ice everywhere. And, then the fun began.

Four employees leaving the hospital slipped and fell in the parking lot. A police officer slipped and fell on the ice - broken leg. Another police officer crashed his car into a tree when he hit a patch of ice - concussion. A young man was carrying a porcelain toilet and it slipped out of his hands - he severed one of the major arteries to his hand and cut several tendons and an important nerve. He was going to surgery.

By 1 a.m. I counted 15 patients on the board, and 8 of them were ortho consults for fractures, dislocations, etc. And the night continued on steadily busy. One little 78 year old lady produced a similar film to the one I posted here. She'd slipped and fallen on her oxygen hosing. Her bone cut through her skin, so she was considered an open fracture necessitating immediate surgery. She was on the board to go to the O.R. when I was leaving this morning.

Well, ok. Time to head off for another shift. It's Monday, so there should be quite the crowd. Will let you know what I see tomorrow! Cheers!


Lisa said...

Oh gosh some of those sound just awful. I would pass out if I saw a bone sticking through someones skin or a cut kidding.

I had to chuckle that your resolution to not be so cynical lasted about a 1/2 hour. Well maybe it will be an hour tonite.

Julie said...

We had that black ice also and all the falls and rear enders that go with it. I hate ice. Hate ice. I am so ready for summer. We have one young man, fell and hit head hard on curb,24 and will probably not make it. One little slip, life is so fragile and should be so appreciated.

cw2smom said...

Ice is soooo scary and dangerous! Wow...such awful injuries! Be careful yourself in that slick mess! Blessings, Lisa

a corgi said...

give me 20 inches of snow over ice any old time; I used to waddle when walking on ice in Montana because I was so afraid of slipping and breaking something

what a night you had! and lucky you, you got to go back tonight and do it all over again!

hoping tonight was not so bad


Jimmy's Journal said...

Slipping on ice is the worst. A lady friend of mice broker her arm when we were skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and it wasn't on the was shopping in town.