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28 April 2009

All in a Day's Work

Just a quick note. We seemed to have a theme on the ortho consults we received from the E.D. today. All of them seemed to start with the history of...."Patient was at work doing ______ when they ______, and now they're in the E.D. with a broken ______."

We had a pressman working with a machine that came down on his finger, and now he's missing a piece of it and broke the little bone at the end. He's scheduled for surgery.

We had a construction worker on the roof of a building who was hit by a piece of sheet metal and knocked off of it. He has two broken wrists and a broken foot. He'll most likely be going for surgery.

We had a pipe worker who was loading a pipe into a grinder which then exploded sending a piece of metal flying that cut his hand and broke several bones in it almost cutting off a finger. He's going for surgery.

In addition to the laborers we had a number of other consults most of which were bread and butter broken bones. Tomorrow is Grand Rounds Wednesday and then two more days on the day shift before I become a vampire for a month. But, at least I get 2 days off this weekend to make the transition...!


a corgi said...

lots of work comp paperwork for sure!! what was in the air in Buffalo today that made everyone be accident prone??

have a great Wednesday :)


Claudia's thoughts said...

The worst would be two broken wrists, a person could not even attend to their hygeine business.