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18 May 2009

A Little Quickie

Hello, all... just got back from the Big Easy, the Crescent City, Nawlins' to some. It was a fun business mixed with some pleasure trip. I did get to tour and see a lot of the city.

I thought I would post a link to a small fraction of the almost 300 pics I took. Most were of work colleagues, but those I am saving for future blackmail ;) I am back on the Orthopedics' Night Service for another two weeks, so I will blog later about that.

Here are the links, enjoy!
Around Town

I did want to share a photo of the fire that hit Bourbon Street on our last night there. A Four Alarm fire that hit a night club. You can see one of NOFD's finest climbing the ladder up to the upper floor:


Julie said...

I hate to admit it but as long as no one is injured I love a good fire. My brother loved it down there.

a corgi said...

welcome back, Veronica; glad you got back safe and sound! now back to the grind for sure, but I'm sure lots of interesting adventures to blog about :)