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28 August 2009

My Brilliant Feat

So, today was not a good day to be elderly and male in my E.D. Besides having someone die (came in as a cardiac arrest), I had two other gentlemen come in who most likely have some form of metastatic cancer, both of whom are married, one of whom takes care of his wife who has Alzheimer's. He is 75.

I've been blogging for over two years now, and I recently had the opportunity to apply to blog to the American College of Emergency Physicians Blog site The Central Line. I am happy to report, I was accepted, and I will start posting some thoughts there as well.

This site however will continue to be my main blog despite my new-found fame and increase in readership from 4 to 6. (I love you Ladies, Betty, Julia, Lisa and Claudia!!) I will post the link from today's post on The Central Line (my second, so don't think you missed anything.)

Happy reading! My Brilliant Feat


a corgi said...

congrat for getting accepted at that blog! I read your entry and left a comment. good for you for reading it sooo accurate, but again sorry it was that diagnosis....


Lisa said...

Well congratulations to you for your acceptance! I'll be stopping by for sure. I love reading this blog and hope you DO continue to post here as well. I may not always be prompt but I always arrive. LOL.

Claudia's thoughts said...

Congrats....I will send the link to my daughter (in Nursing School) who had an affinity for medial oddities. She even had requested to go to the Mutters Museum of Medical Oddities, in Philadelphia. It was work the stop, lots of things from days gone by that would be treatable today.

Julie said...

Wonderful news and you will be a welcome addition..