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05 September 2009

Why I Love Firetrucks

They're big.
They're red.
They're shiny.
They make lots of noise.
And the firemen inside are always nice.

I probably wrote a poem similar to this when I was in first grade, and our class visited the fire house located right next door to our grade school. I thought it was cool that the firemen got to live in a big house and had a pole to slide down. Plus, they helped people, and I thought that was the best thing of all; helping people. Because that's what it's all about!

Today myself and a group of residents spent the day with the gentlemen of BNIA (Buffalo Niagara International Airport) Fire and Rescue. Along with learning about their day to day operations, it was nice to become familiar with some of the people we work with. As part of our EMS and SMART responsibilities, we respond to airport alerts. These get sent out whenever a plane is having a problem, mechanical usually. Code 1 is for less than 5 passengers. Code 2 is for more than 5 passengers, Code 3 is plane down. We had one Code 3 last year which everyone has heard about. No more of those please.

Here are some pics from the day, enjoy! And wave at your local firemen when they go by!


Lisa said...

Girl, you are smiling from ear to really DO love fire trucks!!! Great pics and it looks like a great day to be out. I will be sure to wave to the next fireman I see. :)

Julie said...

You look pretty happy in that drivers seat. Maybe a duel career?