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15 February 2010

My Life in Six Words

I was catching up on some of the blogs that I follow, and I came across a blog that I had kinda given up on because the author Russ hadn't written (or drawn actually) in a while.  Today, I found that he's actually posting again, and this is based on one of his posts...

When I googled "life in six words" to find my image for this posting, I found that somebody actually collected several authors' memoirs into a book.  So I challenge you now... Write your autobiography in six words... leave a link, we'd love to read it!

As for mine...

Have traveled the world.
Still learning.


Julie said...

Happiness and family, makes life worthwhile.

That corgi :) said...

I like your six words Veronica

mine would have to be

Without God I have no hope

hope all is well :)


Patty E said...

"Remember, it's not the space shuttle"

To remind myself not to go crazy trying to be perfect in little things that don't really matter.
No one is going to die if the points on my quilt don't match.

Caring for patients gives me more than ample opportunity to go crazy trying to be perfect already (grin)

Patty E

Jeanie said...

Here are mine ...sent with a smile.

Keep an open mind and heart.

Jeanie xxx