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24 February 2009

Everybody Needs a Little Time Away

I haven't been writing a lot because to be honest, there really isn't much to write about in the PICU. Sure I see my patients every day, and it's really great to see a child you intubated come out on the other side extubated, doing well. But, a lot of our patients have congenital problems, and I have been carrying the same two patients for the last 2 1/2 weeks. I've had other patients come and go, but these two have remained.

So, instead of boring you with the humdrum days of the PICU, I am only writing when something interesting happens... like
this weekend. My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and he surprised me with a trip to South Central Pennsylvania. He made arrangements at the Olde Fogie Farm Bed and Breakfast in Marietta. It's a real working organic farm full of animals.

We had been talking for a while about "life after residency," and I have been talking about having chickens and some small livestock. So he wanted to show me what it might be like. The B&B organizes "chores" for the guests, so I spent my mornings feeding the a
nimals, collecting eggs, and generally absorbing everything. I think I could get used to the lifestyle.

The other part of our trip involved going to Gettysburg. I think I learned more about the Civil War than I ever imagined I would. It was also interesting being that my husband was raised in the South, so he brought a different perspective to everything. We spent some
time at the American Civil War Museum looking at the wax figures and animations. We drove around to see the monuments, mostly those from the South.

We bought a tour book and followed a part of the driving tour and somehow ended up at the brand new Gettysburg National Military Park: Museum and Visitor's Center. It had just opened last weekend, and it was awesome. There is so much to see just in the museum part that we spent several hours looking at the exhibits. There are also some multimedia and film options with admission, but we arrived later in the afternoon and just had time to walk through the museum.

The next day we drove through Lancaster County. Unfortunately, it was Sunday, so almost all of the stores were closed. Which was a bummer since I was shopping for quilts and some good dry goods to replace my stores. We did drive through some beautiful countryside and up across a part of the Appalachian trail. It was really hard comin
g home knowing that I would be on overnight call the next day, but I felt so relaxed and re-inspired. Sometimes, you just need that little time away.

Happy Anniversary, Honey! ILY


cw2smom said...

Happpppppy Anniversary!! Many, many more! Just wanted to tell you that I am going to follow you on Google Reader, so don't think I've abandoned you since I am going to remove myself from the "following" directly on your page. I reached my limit of 200 blogs that I follow, so I am putting some on the reader! Blessings, Lisa

Lisa said...

You were only about 1/2 hour away from our farm when you were in Marietta!!!! Wish I would have known you could have visited our farm. It sounds like you had a nice getaway. Happy annniversary and many many more.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary. I raised chickens for years and really loved it. We have been thinking about getting some again. They keep the ticks down in the yard, good thing. Glad you had a relaxing time off.

Claudia's thoughts said...

Happy Anniversary. What a nice thing for him to do, glad you had a good time.

MariesImages said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

ADB said...

You certainly need time out every once in a while - glad you enjoyed your trip

Jeanie said...

Dear Veronica

I can hardly believe that a year has gone by already since your wedding day! I remember browsing through your lovely wedding album as though it were only yesterday. Time sure flies!
What a lovely surprise from your darling husband for you both to share on your first anniversary. He was so thoughtful. I wish you all the best for your future plans with the chickens etc.
That will be such a contrast from your stressful but worthwhile job.
Stay safe when you visit the site of the crash. I was horrified to read of it, and like Lisa, I wondered if you would have to face the traumas of it through your job.

Happy Anniversary to you both.

Jeanie xxxx

erarein63 said...

Just wishing you a wonderful long future with hubby as you celebrate your first anniversary! De ;)