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04 July 2009

Last Night at the County

Some of the cases from last night's revelry:

OD's - My two of the half dozen or so OD's we got last night were of unknown substances. One we think was methadone the other is a complete mystery.

GSW's - we got one last night but one shot was all it took to take the life of an 18 year old

Stabbings - mostly superficial wounds on the patients, but my patient's assailant decided stabbing wasn't enough. He was going to run over him with the car too. I think he's going to be lucky and wind up with some relatively minor injuries

Motorcycle crash - again, please don't take drugs and then think you can control a motorcycle. You'll end up with lots of broken bones in the trauma icu and the police placing you under arrest.

All this plus the chest pains, the abdominal pains, the shortness of breaths, and the eight or so patients signed out to me last night.

Have a great and safe Fourth! Stay out of the ED!! I don't want to meet you under those circumstances...


a corgi said...

how sad with the death of the 18 y/o. I'm with you, Veronica, I'll try to keep safe tonight. We are going to a baseball game with fireworks afterwards; I'll try not to get hit by a baseball

Happy Fourth! hope its not too insane for you


Julie said...

It is raining here so hopefully most of the firework injuries will be kept to a minimum. Have a safe night.

Lisa said...

Not a very pleasant night for you. It amazes me people drink/drug and drive an automobile but it is beyone stupidity to do that on a motorcycle.