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02 October 2008

The First One

Ok, so here is my first post in the new blog site. For those of you that followed my blog on AOL, welcome! For any newcomers, let me get you up to date.

I am an emergency medicine resident who's traveled a long way from sunny So. Cal to Milwaukee for med school, to Chicago/Boston/Minneapolis as a surgery resident, then to Buffalo NY for emergency medicine. I recently got married (022208) and have three lovely cats: Winston, Sofie, and the newest Lacey.

This blog details the events as I make my way through another new city, in a new residency field, and the fact that I originally pondered, "Do They Have Squirrels in Buffalo?" Well, yes, they do! Just not in my neighborhood.
My comments may at times seem irreverent, but then so are a good majority of my patients. Sometimes you just need a place to vent... and this is my platform.

So, sit back, enjoy the ride as I continue through now my second year of residency (out of three), and as I try to maintain some creativity in my life with the occasional photograph. I welcome your comments always... I'm not just writing this for myself... :D


D said...

I'm kind of liking it here.. lots to learn but we will teach each other entry alerts are not a default I've been following folks and using the dashboard for updates.

MariesImages said...

OMG, Where did you get that pic of the squirrel??
So funny!!!!
I absolutely love your portrait image on your profile....LOVE IT!
Welcome to BLOGGER!

Lori said...

I've got you on my list. I like how you have fixed up your new blog. I'll be back soon!

CONNIE said...

Welcome to our new home,LOl
Like starting out with a fresh coat of here we go come see me when you get the chance

erarein63 said...

Good to see you again, friend. Hope you don't mind if I follow along. De ;)