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26 October 2008

My First National Conference!

Back to Chi-town! A few months ago I was elected as our residency programs rep to the national group Emergency Medicine Resident's Association. Which means I get to go to the national conference being held in Chicago this week!

I can't wait. I've heard a lot about these national conferences, and I signed up for some exciting lecture presentations several weeks ago. I plan to take my camera, so I should have a lot of shots to share.

I spent my intern year of surgery in Chicago, and I loved the town. What I have mostly been talking about to my friends is the food... yum. I probably gained about 20 lbs during the year I was in Chicago.

One place I have to mention is Garrett's Popcorn on Michigan Ave with a smaller store near Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields) on State. Mhmm... they pop the corn fresh in this huge tumbler then add the butteriest caramel or cheese topping. You can buy the mixed bag or splurge and get a bucket. They also have to die for caramel nut mixes including almonds, macadamia nuts or standard peanuts. So good.

Ok, with that I have to keep packing... will write more when I can... Cheers!


a corgi said...

have a great trip!! this is so funny, I hadn't heard of Garrett's popcorn, but through your blog and another one, I heard about it twice this week so far; sounds delicious!

can't wait to hear about your adventures


erarein63 said...

Sounds fantastic! I was in Chicago about 10 years ago and loved the town. Let us know how it goes. De ;)

Julia said...

I haven't been to Chicago for around 20 years but do remember the food, the sites, naw, the food....oh yeah.

Bethe said...

Now I konw what to ask my dauher to send for Yule. POPCORN! She & her hubby go to Norhtwestern Law. I belive it is inthe same building as the Medical School (maybe nearby). Nicci works on Michigan Ave at the "Palms", also. It's a fine dining steakhouse from what she tells me. My indulgences while I was there was visiting the neighborhood Tea Shops.

I read your last entry also. Before moving to Chicago the two of them lived in Reno working for hubby's business until acceptance to Law school. The best part was the Lake Tahoe "Theater on the Lake" & the wine country of northern Cali.

Have a great time & waht an honor to be the Resident representative!


Winivere said...

Trick or Treat! Bring some nuts back for the squirrels! LOL