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04 June 2009

Humpty Dumpty, et al...

Today I have been mentally thanking God for allowing me to have so many interesting and unusual experiences throughout my life. I have been allowed the privilege of participating in some events that most people never will.

This morning while in the ME's office, I was able to participate in the post-mortems of several patients. Due to confidentiality issues, I can't say what I did, but let me just express again how thankful I am to be a physician and how awed I continue to be at times with the complexity of the human body. I am also saddened by those who don't appreciate the miracles that we all are.

Having said that, yesterday was Grand Rounds Wednesday, so no ME's office. These are the some of the cases from this morning... it was a full board and all three tables were going at once:

Prisoner with Lung Cancer
Motorcycle accident
Fire Starter

I try to find articles that don't list the person's name, however since I am using public media sources I can't help what gets put in print.

Until tomorrow!


a corgi said...

again I'll say it, Veronica, its got to be fascinating!! I have a question and I don't think it will break confidentiality and if it does, let me know. Maybe you can address it in one of your posts. Who decides who gets an autopsy? Because it seemed to me the prisoner if he had lung cancer it would be a dead-give-away (no pun intended) on cause of death. I can see with the other 2 cases you might need to get evidence for court cases. Just curious. Again if you can't answer it (as a general question, no case specific), I understand.

and are you helping with these or just watching what is going on?


Julie said...

Sad but interesting cases. People just don't seem to realize life is too short. I am always amazed by the human body.