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16 June 2009

Young Lives Cut Short

It's been sort of a bad week at the ME's office. Even moreso for some of the local EMT's.

Seems there's been a rash of teen deaths over the last two weeks, and there's nothing as disheartening for these first responders than arriving at a scene, doing everything they can, and then having someone young die on their watch.

When I run into some of the EMT's I get asked about how some cases ended up. Those that know I am in the ME's office ask for outcomes, causes of death. I tell them what I legally can. Sometimes the news gets a press release and then preliminary causes of death are released. Sometimes I can offer a little comfort that the person was going to die despite rescucitative efforts. Still, the EMT's take these young deaths personally. For the most part, young people aren't supposed to die.

Teen dies unexpectedly at home
Teen dies from shooting
Teen found, suspected homocide
Teen dies while playing soccer

Other cases these last couple of days:
Teen dies after choking
3 separate men complain of chest pain and collapse
Motorcyclist killed

Grand rounds tomorrow... until Thursday!


a corgi said...

that was sad about that 14 y/o getting shot on his way home (of course he was out past curfew, but we've all done things like that). And then that other teen that they ruled his death a homicide; so sad kids do this to each other; so sad they let pride get in the way sometimes in their relationships and violence happens :(

that was sad about the girl at the soccer game, but knowing there was a history of heart problems still makes it tragic, but perhaps easier to deal with, not that any of these would be easy to deal with.

I guess that's why, with kids acting sometimes the way they do, I spent so much time in prayer for my 20 y/o

take care of yourself, Veronica


Julie said...

How sad, it's always sad but when it is a young person and violence it is even sadder.e

Jeanie said...

How awful for the young one's families Veronica. I can understand the reactions of the EMT's. Being first to respond they must live in hope that their patients will pull through.
They were so young too!
Bless them!
Sad days for a lot of families.
Jeanie xx