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13 June 2009

A Night with Buffalo's Finest

So, last night after a morning with the ME's office, I spent the evening doing a ride-along with Rescue One. Some of you may remember that I did a ride-along with them about a year ago in August. We had a little more excitement this year than we did last year.

Link: Buffalo Warehouse Fire

Here's one of my pics. You can see the rest of my pics of the fire by following this link: Buffalo Fire

This morning I am still recovering from having spent the night at the firehouse. I did go on several runs with the crew of Engine 95 until well past midnight, so I was very sleepy.

Not much to do today, it will be clean, clean, clean the rest of the weekend. Oh, and look for a special posting tomorrow on my other blog...

1 comment:

a corgi said...

that was some fire and adventure Veronica!! you took some good pictures of it too!

hope you got some sleep and got some things done this weekend; I'll try to remember to check out your other blog tomorrow; I'm intrigued now