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17 June 2010

Bittersweet Symphony

Congratulations to the Emergency Medicine
Class of 2010

On Tuesday my colleagues and I celebrated the completion of our three years of residency training.  It was bittersweet on so many levels.  I started "off cycle" so I will be staying to finish my last three months while the rest of my colleagues leave to begin their new careers.  I will miss them. 

For the last 3 years, twelve of us have gone through the same experiences.  Been taught by the same instructors.  Dealt with a lot of the same patients.  We can tell you which colleagues in different specialties we love and hate.  We can tell you which hospitals have the best off-service specialties, the best nurses, even the best food.

Three years passed by quickly, and I am sure the next three months will pass even sooner.  If you've notice my countdown calendar, I am 74% done as of today, and there are 93 days left.

I say "good luck" to my colleagues... I'll be joining you amoungst the ranks of "new attending" very soon.  But, until then, I'll continue to write on this blog while I finish out the last leg of my journey.  The end is in sight!


That corgi :) said...

congrats to all, Veronica! I can't believe its been three years! YOU ARE SO CLOSE!! You can almost taste yourself being done and then watch out Northern California!!


Jeanie said...

A proud moment for all Veronica after such hard work!
Time does fly and it seems like yesterday that I found your Blog. I have been in awe of your journal entries. So many lives have passed through your hands many people whom you have helped heal and some you were able to comfort before they passed on.
Many, Many congratulations to you and your colleagues. You are angels in disguise.
Cheers! Salut! Slange!

Jeanie xx