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02 June 2010

My Own Purrsonal Doctor...

Winston is my male cat.  Over the years I think he has somehow gleaned some medical knowledge from me.  I was thinking about it this morning as he used the AVPU system to assess my level of consciousness.  I know it's a "get up and fill the food bowl" thing for him.  But, still... eerie.
First he noted that I was not Alert.  So, he then assessed whether I would respond to Voice. When his meowings did not lead to the desired response ( I was actually awake at the first meow but refused to play his game) he then came up and butted his head gently across my elbow which was laying close to the edge of the bed.  Still not response to soft touch so he implemented Painful stimuli by biting my elbow.  
This, of course led to my sitting up and yelling at him to get out of the room.  Always the unflustered professional and mission accomplished, he raised his tail and walked out of the door.   I shudder to think of what he might do if I was really Unresponsive....


Claudia's thoughts said...

When my cat Henry is up and about and not getting the service he expects, he will jump at the top of the bed and pull my hair with his teeth.

I must admit he is very delicate in the process. It is very annoying.

Jeanie said...

' I shudder to think of what he might do if I was really Unresponsive....'

He would begin at the elbow for 'starters' then work his way down to your fingers for his pudding. lol
Fancy neglecting the poor fellow like that! A cat has got to 'EAT!' FOR GOODNESS SAKE! lol
Hope his fangs didn't sink in too deeply Veronica.
That's one smart pussy cat.
Hugs to you and all your fur babies.

ADB said...

Pity you can't set him to do AVPU on you at a certain time