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20 June 2010

Night Flight

After several negotiations, we (emergency medicine residents) have been allowed to fly again with Mercy Flight.  Without going into detail, it had to do with who was covering our insurance while we were providing medical direction up in the air.  I went on my second flight this last Friday, and for the first time we flew at night.

We went on two runs... both for falls from about 15 - 20 feet.  One was from a zip line from a two story barn down to a tree.  The other was from the top of a bleacher stand at the local speedway.  Both involved kids... one nineteen, one four.  The nineteen year old didn't seem to have any apparent injuries, and the four year old had an obviously broken leg.  Both were very stoic in flight.  Both I am sure will do well.

I am excited to be back up in the air.  You never know what that next call is going to be....


Jeanie said...

Well that's a blessing for those involved in the accident as well as for their relatives.
It must be an exciting BIG change of scenery for you!

It can't be easy for the pilots to fly at night in the dark.
I will keep you in my night prayers.
It can't be wrong to ask for a little extra help at times like these.
Keep up the good work.
Jeanie xx

That corgi :) said...

that must have been exciting to fly again, Veronica. I'm glad both patients seem like they will make a full recovery!!


Claudia's thoughts said...

I am willing to bet that the one from the Speedway involved alcohol...