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10 October 2009

Interesting Road Sites

You never know what you are going to find when you drive willy-nilly along the road.  We were in no hurry as we made our way down the Oregon coastline, so we took the time to stop at various beaches, pull-outs and memorial plaques along the way.  Here's a few of our finds today:
I love sand dollars.  I collect them whenever I can.  We walked this whole stretch of beach and I did not find one intact sand dollar.  So I am bringing home a whole mess of partials for my collection.  Some interesting facts about sand dollars can be found here.

We stopped to take a picture of the marvelous ocean view and overshot the turn-off by several yards, but luckily there was a smaller turn-off which we were able to pull into.  As I was stepping around looking for the perfect spot, we came across this plaque on the ground.  I Googled the name and came across a few facts.  Here are two links telling the story of this local hang glider.
This is a monument in Depoe Bay memorializing two fishermen, Roy Bower and Jack Chambers, who went out to rescue another boat that was in distress and lost their lives.  The town honors all of the lost in their annual "Fleet of Flowers" which is held on Memorial Day every year.  Something about the quote (who is quoted I cannot say) really got to me, so I end with it here.

"It is not true. Life is not slain by death. The vast, immortal sea shall have her own, shall garner to her this expiring breath, shall reap where she has sown."


Julie said...

I love the way you leave links to fill in the story. You are seeing some beautiful country.

a corgi said...

indeed very interesting sights :)

loved that quote too