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29 October 2009

What Did I Just Say?

I have a friend who works as a transcriptionist.  She blogs and occasionally talks about her work.  However, she talks about the business side of her work:  how much she makes per line, how she can’t understand what the doctor is saying, how she has to undergo QI, etc.  One thing she’s never mentioned is if she ever takes the time to think about what she’s transcribing.

I’m currently on rotation with a group that dictates their H&P’s along with their assessments and plans.  After a day or two of dictation (which by the way I hate to do because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice) I started to wonder if transcriptionists laugh at some of the content in dictations or if they’re like mailmen who deliver postcards without reading the back.  I know I sometimes chuckle when I get the transcribed note back to sign for the chart… especially when I read things like:

“Patient states they have been constipated for a whole month.”

“87 year old patient states she fell off a chair while painting her ceiling.  She states her bridge club was coming over and didn’t want them to see a brown water spot that was on it.”

“Patient states that she has vomited several times.  The last emesis looked like blood, or it could have been the cranberry juice she had been drinking just prior.”

“Patient denies any alcohol, tobacco or drug use, except for the occasional marijuana use whenever her son is in town.”

“Patient states he thought his abscess was due to an ingrown hair, so he shaved off his all the hair in his axilla thinking it would go away.”

“Patient presents asking for Tamiflu because “there’s a lot of sick people hanging around the grocery store.”"

Did I really dictate that…?  Yep, patients say the funniest things…

p.s. ;) Betty this is for you...


seeking the truth said...

LOL, Veronica! I loved it! And I do think about what I'm transcribing, LOL. can't put too much in because I don't want to violate HIPAA, but I continue to be amazed at what I transcribe some days; I transcribe for content too so if I catch something that doesn't sound right, I leave a marker or note for doctors to take a look at (i.e. dosing, discrepancies between right/left, etc). I know doctors HATE dictating; I don't blame them for it. I do like those that are clear, concise, and aren't in the bathroom when they are doing it :)

(I'm deleting my blog - go figure - I have no idea what I'm doing with blogging, but praying about it; I'll let you know :)


That corgi :) said...

back again, Veronica; I'm like a bad case of fungus you can't get rid of

this was cute to read again too :)

I decided not to delete Koda's blog (fickle aren't I?)

enjoy the day


Claudia's thoughts said...

Just this morning I was listening to the dictation by a Indian doctor about the colonoscopy he had just performed.

I would not take that job if they payed $100/ hr. He went thru the whole thing and never took a breath.

Lori said...

So funny! You just couldn't make that stuff up. I have a blogger friend who works in a prison hospital in records, and she has some funny things to tell about the patients and the doctors she has transcribed for.

Julie said...

I get a kick reading some of the H & P's that are dictated and wonder if the doc's ever go back and groan when we see how it looks written out. Gives me some chuckles.

Lisa said...

I got a good chuckle out of this. If I were transcribing I would want to know as much of the story as I could.

Claudia's thoughts said...

One of the funny thing I heard while interviewing a patient was:

The patient was about 75 and I asked when was the last time he had gone to the doctor? This was about 10 years ago....

I think it was when I was in the army. Do you mean WWII? Yes...

You managed to stay out of trouble for a long time said I.

He had an incarcerated hernia and was pretty healthy despite himself.