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07 October 2009

On the Road...

Just a few quick thoughts as my DH and I make our way around the Pacific Northwest...

I love Victorians

Purple never comes out in pics

I love the beach... any beach

I like helicopters... my husband, not so much

I really love bears, and Black Bear Diners

Sometimes you just have to do what your DH is into

My favorite time of the day is still early morning

Even crippled horses by the roadside have a certain beauty

Take the scenic road, you never know where it might lead

You can find simple beauty in unusual places

I thank God at the end of the day for allowing me to do all the things that I have been able to do in my life... And for allowing me to enjoy the splendor of nature.


Julie said...

I love traveling for all the same reasons, well maybe not the helicopter. Great shots.

a corgi said...

you've been "around" on this trip; the Victorian house is the Carson House (if I remember it correctly) in Eureka, right??

all great shots; I'm glad you are having an adventure with your hubby enjoying all the sites and checking out potential places to practice :)


Lisa said...

Beautiful entry - your words perfect for the pictures too.