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11 October 2009

Weary Road Traveler

Ok, so we missed our flight due to delays in San Francisco, and we had to spend the last 7 hours at the airport.  Suffice it to say, it's been a looonnng 7 hours.  And, we still have another 2 hours to go.  Eeek!

I've been sitting here for the last several hours watching the droves of humanity walk to and fro, and I've come up with a few thoughts based on my own travel experiences.

  - Wear something comfortable and practical.  Low rise jeans that have to be constantly hitched up and short shorts that show everyone whether or not you've waxed recently do not make for comfortable clothing.  Me, I prefer the loose velour-type pants.  More stylish than sweats and more comfortable than jeans.  Scrubs will work in a pinch, but people keep asking if you're on your way to surgery somewhere.

 - Along that line, wear comfortable shoes.  Those three-inch wooden wedge heels look awesome with that studded denim mini, but when you fall over running to your gate, it's not going to be a pretty site.  Me, I like the slip-on tennis shoe.  Comfy and you can sprint like a track star when you need to.

 - I see a lot of people wearing the "I bought it at the airport" pashmina.  Now, while some may say they're not really still in style, I think there's nothing better than having something warm to wrap around your shoulders on a cold flight.  And, that's a good thing considering the scarcity, or high cost, of in-flight blankets lately.

 - Next, the travel bag.  Now while I am not a fan of the cat-covered "I bought it at the airport" tapestry bag on wheels, I can understand the attraction.  It's light.  It rolls.  It doubles as a floor mat for your feet.  No, really.  Anything small on wheels is all you should be taking on a plane.  Except for a tote... you can never have enough tote bags.

 - Or, for that matter, over the shoulder bags.  I have several in different colors, and I always travel with one.  Except for this trip I went with a tote.  Two actually.  Three if you count my handbag, but it's a Coach and I wanted to look stylish for my interviews.  But, I digress.  The shoulder bag provides plenty of pockets for your ID, pens, travel documents, cell phone, etc.  And, it can be unisexually stylish.  Well, except for this one, it's got horses on it.

Finally, the ultimate travel need:

 - the neck pillow.  The softer the better.  And, since I tend to like to sleep all through my flight, mine gets plenty of use.  Along with my face mask and slippers which I got in a travel pack with the pillow.  Did I mention I bought them at the airport Brookstone?


Claudia's thoughts said...

I always have chosen my shoes to fit the criteria of that if I had to get off the plane and run, which would be the best choice??

Hope your interview went well, do you want to live in the Pacific North West?

Lisa said...

If I ever have the opportunity to travel again I will try to keep these pointers in mind. I don't know how you kept your sanity with the delay at the airport. I would go crazy. I won't fly for a number of reasons but delays are one of them.